What is GSE Race Day?

GSE Race Day is a free results notification and performance tracking utility for cross-country running and Nordic Ski participants, their families, and friends in events that were timed by ...


How Does It Work?

GSE Race Day is a web page that acts like an app. Nothing to install on your phone. It gives you quick access to GSE-timed events NOW... whether you are on site or not. Find them here. No account is needed, but if you create an account you can get results via text or email for specific people (yourself or your children, for instance) where ever you are immediately after they finish.

Results Anywhere...Now!

GSE Race Day provides the ability to have results emailed or texted to subscribers (athletes and their followers) within a few minutes of finishing the race (NOTE: ONLY if the event is being timed by GSE).

Compare Athletes & History

GSE Race Day provides subscribers the entire results history of themselves and/or athletes they are following. Results from non-GSE timed events can also be entered by the athlete.